The Realm of Online Terrorist Propaganda: The Influence of Acts Violence Terror by Millennial Now

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Media to be used as a means of transferring messages and political interests is not new in the world of communication that has a political element. Transmission from time to time has identical and its own way, from the time of Sumer and Egypt to the digital revolution 4.0, its political delivery will not change in one broad goal, the interest of power authority. Political interest is the goal rather than conveying it to society in terms of handling the goals and true meaning of the

“You cannot fight terrorism with terrorism."

- Sahra Wagenknecht

Political information that does have an interest must have an element of society and involvement. The media are nothing but the tools and the innate to which political messages are aimed at. This political message has various variants to ensure that security conditions are regularly controlled according to the regulations. Even so, there are still taking advantage of political conditions by reaching whatever the means, whatever the risk, whatever the damage is through the media. Bad means, risks, and damage must be overcome by knowing its roots, goals, and paths through contemporary political knowledge. The era that is currently being faced is social media as an inseparable content from the daily activities of today's society.

Tough Political Tool From Time to Time

Propaganda is one of them, although the term propaganda has existed since the era of transformation from renaissance to enlightenment, where in the 17th century, the leader of the Catholic church, Pope Gregory XV of the congregation of love, implemented political responsibility for missionaries. Until now, where we know propaganda via the internet is like now where many are playing, such as Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, Narendra Modi and many more. However, it is a digital politics that follows modern politics where there is no visible terror or guns on the surface. Thus, online terrorist propaganda is an interesting political knowledge in this internet era, because implicate to weaponize radical political action.

The attack on the police headquarters and the bombing of the Cathedral church in Makassar are examples of the results of online terrorist propaganda. Radicalization by violence is the key word where levels that have exceeded the human threshold are combined with radical messages. This radical message is solely for the sake of hard political goals and has no threshold for the existence of human life as a stigma to drop. Then, propaganda works quietly interesting and brainstorming who have negative thinking to who seems doesn’t care much to this thin.

Before entering the attack on the police headquarters and the bombing of the cathedral church in Makassar. There is something interesting that the 2002 Bali Bombing which was executed by Umar Patek and his gang said this in court "For those who do not know how to commit jihad, they should understand that there are several ways of committing jihad ... This is not the Stone Age … This is the internet era, there is Facebook, Twitter and others. " Where what Umar Patek said was a transformation from a new form of terrorism as a radical political content that threatens human lives through digital media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and others. Interesting but deadly, this is how online terrorist propaganda will effect us now and future.

Propaganda of terrorism online is to change the mindset for a specific purpose based on the cognitive of these interests through a network of internet signals that are connected to a platform of connection between people. The propaganda of online terrorists causes certain motives and thoughts to carry out terror through weapons such as bombs or pistols directly with the aim of eliminating someone's life for the purpose of giving fear. The Makassar bombing and the attack on the National Police Headquarters were the result of online propaganda that has been going on since Umar Patek and his gang bombed Bali. The impact is not only on human lives, but also on mental and global political conditions that are increasingly alert.