Rolls-Royce and Dreams of Satisfaction

Dreaming of a future with Rolls-Royce? It is aimed at the younger generation, who are more likely to seek it.

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The new Adv from Rolls-Royce puts more emphasis on sci-fi music and the look of the product. The label "inspiring greatness" is a label that identifies the content of the message to be conveyed must be in accordance with the product it is running on. There is no verbal content there, much of it is non-verbal, so the adv is more visual, which focuses on the features displayed. This feature is what attracts the attention of potential buyers whose target is Wealthiest, who are educated and follow the development of auto-cars.

The features displayed are intentionally not given a caption because this is so that they can become a conversation later after seeing Rolls-Royce advertisements. "Inspiring" is one of the key points why doing this ad, nothing but digital. RR advertisement tries more for enthusiasts who are still young and have certain ambitions in introducing the knowledge they get, so that the info is only shown trying to be as interesting as possible with the simplest possible way. This can be seen from the RR advert for "New Ghost Extended: Moscow by Night." which displays the visuals of driving an RR as if it is an identity of luxury and superiority in the midst of the digital era.

In addition, the power of the Rolls Royce symbol making other brand who have been competitor like Bentley, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz truly attract with the culture of the British. Since, they mostly interact with the history from world war 1 till cold war have been represented the existence of them. This symbol make the other sensational knowing about how they realize this is not just brand, this is British existence.

Specialty of the RR makes we know that “smart” is the most important thing as the plan. The time planning of the release new one product must try attract simple as possible. The time must be studying for know the measure of the customer wants growth, either when summer or winter. The sponsorship also impacted from the time and realistic one.

Combination of sponsorship and accusation of they company impact the media plan. They know that we already following our prestige target, which is have Rolls- Royce car, as the symbol of luxurious. The combination of business one make community, partner, and collaborator feels satisfied by release the satisfaction of the product by knowing with the benefit of the positive stigmatization to Rolls-Royce.

Positive stigmatization brings us to know that the story are building the Rolls- Royce motor cars branding. The consistent of the symbol and quality makes Rolls- Royce collaborate with the expert such with the father of advertising. The act of them, make know that its not just the brand of that time, but also how brand in the future. That’s why, selling the future are the biggest competition of the advertising now, with the combination of the symbol of luxurious.