English Premier League (September-Now Period) Review

Exciting. Unpredictable. World-Class Football. These three things represent the famous professional football league of the English Premier League. The English Premier League is one of the oldest football leagues in the world, where the club is filled by European champions in football, such as Liverpool, Manchester United and Chelsea.

The English football league has been going on since 1888 and changed its format in terms of the number of teams playing and the placement of the caste, which we now know better as the English Premier League in 1992. The English Premier League, with the format we know as the world is currently inhabited by 20 clubs that are fighting for the title of English league champions. However, there are provisions for the bottom 3 ranks, namely those 18 to 20 will be relegated to league 2 or what is known as the Football Championship. The English Premier League applies a points system to determine the winner and ranking of the competing teams, if the team wins, it will get 3 points, if the teams draw each other then each team will get 1 point, if the team loses then the club will get 0 points . So, the more points, then he gets the highest-ranking position, then whoever is highest in the ranking, he becomes the winner of the league.

The English Premier League itself is part of the confederation of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) which is under the auspices of the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) as the parent of countries in Europe which are joined to hold local competitions in their countries. UEFA also holds competitions for each European country such as the Champions League and the European League which have quota for their respective teams in each local competition. For the English Premier League, the Champions League quota given is 4 teams ranked 1-4 in the League, while for the European League 2 teams are allocated for rank 4 and 5, with the exception of rank 4 must face qualification, if they lose they will enter the European League , meanwhile, if you win, you will enter the Champions League.

Each team in the English Premier League has its own stadium, fans, players, coache/manager and staff. Judging from the current English Premier League, conditions have changed because fans are currently prohibited from entering and supporting their favourite team at the Stadium due to Coronavirus. So, the psychological condition for players who will compete against other teams to fight for points will be different and difficult because of the current pandemic conditions.

It's actually simple, Johan Cruyff, a football legend from Holland, said that playing football is very easy and simple, but the difficulty is applying that simplicity to playing football. So, it is not surprising, if we take the example of a team, one of which is Liverpool, which won the English Premier League title 19 times and is a top team that can lose to Aston Villa, which is a promotion team from the championship league, aka the lower caste league of the English Premier League. Simply put, many people say that the ball is round, so it is difficult to predict. Thus, it is difficult to predict this inherent in the English Premier League.

Broadly speaking, there are 6 teams that are consistently competing to win the English league title, namely Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspurs. We can call the six teams that are tight competitors who want to win the title of the English league championship. Meanwhile, for the current edition of the 2020-2021 season, there are teams that are not underdogs but can become tough challengers to a top team like them, this team we can call the Underdog Club. This Underdog Club for the English Premier League consists of Leicester City, Wolves, West Ham and Everton. Meanwhile, the rest is what we can call a mediocre team or mid-table to the lower-level team in the Premier League. They are Southampton, Aston Villa, Crystal Palace, Leeds United, Newcastle, Brigton, Burnley, Fulham, West Brom and Sheffield United. They are the teams that participated in the English league this time, with excitement that tense the supporters of each club, especially for the top teams who have the burden of becoming champions.

The English Premier League is a team that is the most exciting football league in the world, why is that? When viewed from a series of who won the English Premier League, of course, they have different champions. Only Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea have succeeded in defending the championship with at least 2 consecutive trophies with 2 teams that are not at all seeded, namely Leicester City and Blackburn Rovers. This is a factor in the excitement of the Premier League. But there is something much more exciting. Because of the differences between the Premier League champions, the English ribs are recorded as the largest number of spectators with a record from 2016-2017 of 13.6 million viewers. This is what makes this league unique compared to other leagues such as the Spanish league, Italian league and German league.

Another uniqueness of the Premier League is that every club from the Premier League is inhabited not only by players from England alone, but even dominated by foreign players. There are those from several European countries besides England, North and South America, Africa, Asia, and even Australia. This is the attraction that each continent has representatives and representations of each in the oldest league in the world today. The record is based on ESPN UK, the UK sports television station, with a record that 61.2 per cent of players from outside the UK play for clubs in England. So, as if the Premier League is a proving ground for football players to prove themselves as world-class players by playing for clubs that participate in the English Premier League.

This is what makes the English Premier League season 2020-2021 unique. This is despite the British culture which is still conservative in football where each country has approximately 2 trophy pillars, namely the league cup with rankings and the competition cup with a knockout system. England still uses 3 pillars, namely with the addition of the knockout trophy due to culture. This affects the playing hours of football players because their schedules are tighter and it is difficult to find a quiet rest day because they have to practice and evaluate matches. For the fans side, this is entertainment because of the fans' love for football and the club's support to play for trophies, while for Premier League players it is a torture to face to be successful because the Premier League has a tight match schedule. This has not been added to other English football culture, namely Boxing Day, which is a week in the Premier League which holds big matches for 2 weeks with 4 matches during Christmas celebrations, this aims to provide entertainment for fans while celebrating Christmas. This culture is clearly contradictory when measured from the level of satisfaction between players and fans.

Until now, it is very difficult to predict the winner of each match. This is because the tight schedule and the players' fitness conditions are the obstacles to the club. This happened for a club that is known to have a reputation as a top club as if it was "running out of gas" even though it still hasn't entered the 2021 season and boxing day. Manchester United, the 20 times league championship title holder, now has to be in 10th place. Arsenal, who won the league cup 13 times, must now be ranked 12. Manchester City, which is the richest club in the Premier League and the new top team, is now perched in the ranking. 13, it is very difficult for the fans of each club to see the ranking.

Fans of course still grumble when the premier league is now filled with inconsistent clubs, this can be seen from the final 5 matches for each club. Ideally, for a big club, 3 match wins is the minimum. Arsenal, in the last 5 matches lost 3 times, Manchester City only won 2 times. This is what worries fans seeing the current rankings. So that complaining about the English Premier League this time is not only entertainment because every club has the chance to win, even though he has a reputation as a big club or a small club. Thus, the Premier League's dilemma as the biggest and the tightest league is the second one to choose. For top fans, seeing the Premier League as a low-level team can seem like a windfall due to the failure of big teams who get tight schedules and affect the fitness of players.

However, the English Premier League can be said to be the tightest league in the world, but it can also be the most torturous league in the world. This is because British conservative culture is still binding in the modern world of football. It can be concluded, the English Premier League has a flaw because it does not want to modernize by reducing or reducing the schedule of cup competitions that are not too reputable. However, on the other hand, authentic evidence and a sense of pride are high selling points because the more matches, the more income for the club. Thus, the Premier League is the largest league in the world which is still conservative and does not want to be modern on the pretext of maintaining its English authentic culture.