Indonesia COVID-19 Outbreak Threat: Will There be Another Wave After Eid Celebration?

Judging from the Kumbh Mela Religious Celebration in India, can Indonesia be aware of the dangers of celebrating a surge in corona cases?

Image Source: (Instagram/parulscape)

Since telecommunicating and messaging can be done from home with internet and smartphone, there’s still need to attend for bounding a way lot more in outdoor. Eid holiday is one of Indonesian to take advantage of moment meeting with families and friends in their hometown. What about covid-19 outbreak? will there be another case bump after they coming from hometown, either in their destination or departure places?

India Coronavirus Tsunami Outbreak

"It was a ticking time bomb,"

India covid-19 catastrophe are disaster to their activity after they did roll out Kumbh Mela Festival, the beginning of tsunami case of covid-19 on all over cities in India. Kumbh Mela Festival is significant Hindu procession and carnival, which is celebrate the Brihaspati accomplished. India government saw the opportunity to celebrate the religious event before this really happening, and they are suffering right now.

Questioning Indonesia Coronavirus Solve Seriousness

Indonesia government represented by Joko Widodo as president of Indonesia, already executed the policy to blockade all homecoming attempts that will start on 6 May until 17 May. The policy about Eid homecoming prohibition also supported by many decisions such as holiday allowances limitation and start spreading insulation point on every highway and provincial roads. Afterward, this policy seems doesn’t really take seriously because tourism departure is still ongoing in Eid holiday, and until now, they seem not giving any information about limitation of tourists coming to Indonesia.

Evaluation from India

"We could have done better, our science could have been given more significance. What we observed in whatever little way, that should have been used better."

Generally, what we saw and read about the reality of coronavirus spreading tsunami wave in India represents the justified religion reasons. Doctors, intellectuals, nurses, and health workers already giving disagreement even protest about Kumbh Mela Festival that already approve by India government. The Kumbh Mela Festival represents the two parts, religious and tourism attraction. Nowadays, India coronavirus outbreak make chaos all along people daily life on there.

It's Time

What happened in India cannot happen in Indonesia. The two reasons of religious and tourism cannot blind all over people to prevent coronavirus spreading moment. Coronavirus increasing wave will happen if government cannot take seriously. Which means, they just focusing on the short-term foreign exchange that will impact to next term like India. This is the moment to realize that coronavirus cannot compared to any reason event like religious and tourism. If Indonesia government still insist about tourism policy regarding to religious celebration like this, the moment of beneficial will be the moment of coronavirus spreading again.