Ads Its All About Consumers, Am I Right?

When we try to be persuading by tasks of educating and socialising consumers, then we are talking about advertising.

Advertising is about the marketing and implementing for economic tool along with circulating the value and use by knowing the meanings and attractions of goods and services. We could see every each of feature and format of advertising on terms of contemporary media. This media has genres and sub-genres like tv-shows, news, and fashion.

Repeated typical are the formal stereotype of advertising goal as well as our studies circle which are communication situations and communication intent. The goal of this kind of course for selling, informing, and gaining attention for consumer by doing interactions between producers and consumers for representing products in terms of and by association with definite cultural interpretation.

Talking about evolution, advertising have evolved by the era and age till now. This evolution brings us to know the medium of advertising which are different according to people knowledge and invention. Nowadays, people faced digital platform such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as social media advertising medium, along with online service provider like Netflix and Iflix. This evolutive digital ads make us highly exposed.

Brace and Bond (1997) divided a contemporary categorisation of people’s conceptions of relationship to advertising into 4 different ways. The first one is rejecters who dislike and reject advertising. The kind of annoy and devious stand, are rejecters act to advertising. Acceptors, who entertained and informed by advertising, are given attention or consideration to it. People who enjoy some ads with engage from time-to-time even so find something devious are typical for third one, which is players. Last one, who have found boring ads are uninvolved typical people.

Corlett (1977) did survey questions and answers on advertising influence which are concluded into three different statement and survey. These statements are advertising often misleads consumers who did it by EEC Survey, the ads you see are often misleading who did it by AA Survey, and I am frequently misled by the ads I see who did it by AA Survey either. Both of first and second statement have bigger percentage on agree while the last one is mostly disagreed for statement.

Ads process does not guaranteed success, when a product a better chance of success than it would have if it were not advertised. Quality and effectiveness are both of important types of message for advertising with knowing of breadth and scope which is placed behind the message.

Furthermore, what are all about? Online shopping has greater chance of misleading ads than traditional shop, this statement has own advertising process to overall effort. This statement must see what all about medium evolution are that have we discussed before. Online shopping is the new one, who did not have experience because this invention is own disappearance. Now let us make it simple, the traditional have own ethical and trust because now they are having their own consumers for long time. While online still processing for gaining ethical and trust in the terms of what we called evolution. That is why learning new of it must be detailed which is the online shopping hoped not to make any distortion and paradoxical value and leading.

Questioning about consumer product position, there are must have own creative execution, direction, and distribution. Position of consumer learn from behaviour, trait, and liking to positioning the product. TikTok, which is best example of social media product, have own digital algorithm who auto positioning the consumer wants that will be contribute to consumer. Advertising have own spending, means that have the idea and way of thinking to encourage people. Starbucks, which is best example of encourage people, have own way to attract people by utilize mostly trait, like deliberately wrote the wrong name to provoke people for posting on social media, which is free ads for Starbucks. Then, advertising should be directed to who did not care enough for products, why then? Because when we have high risk for gaining of losing consumer, the higher consumer is attracted for it. This example is the new one of how people interest on wrong side of product which is who did not care are the candidate of consumer either.

Nowadays, advertising directed to every single aspects of life, like when get up in the morning and open your room windows, you are seeing billboard, which is before smartphone are invented. Now, the situation has changed, woke up and open your smartphone, the notifications have offer ads. Component of the medium for smartphone are more edible to attracting international ways, which is after gaining the result, we could decided which one the placement and the main focus of media should be execute.