McDonald’s Company Case Analysis Study (PART II)

McDonald’s Company Case Analysis Study

by Medio Putra (English Version)

After the company used 'Sundae Bloody Sundae' as a slogan to market sweets in Portugal, an ice cream commercial instigated criticism against McDonald's. A U2 album that refers to a genocide in Northern Ireland is invoked by the slogan. The Portuguese and Irish media announced on Thursday that McDonald's was forced to apologize and stop a Halloween-themed advertisement that included the slogan "Sundae bloody sundae." on this line-up

On this case study, the McDonald’s has a problematic with the cultural historical and human relation about the promotion that give controversy to the Irish history. At this moment, the purposes about MCD give something that couldn’t be acceptable by Halloween controversy part. That’s why on this case, there are a globalization challenges either to provide the system and cultural problems.

McDonald's has apologised for a Halloween "Sundae Bloody Sundae" promotion


“The campaign was intended as a celebration of Halloween, not as an insensitive reference to any historical event or to upset or insult anyone in any way. We sincerely apologize for any offence or distress this may have caused.”

Fast food outlets can be easily found in every corner of the city, including the capital city of Indonesia, namely Jakarta. Famous fast food outlets, of course, are dominated by products originating from the United States, one of which is McDonald's. McDonald's with the full name McDonald's Corporation or can be abbreviated as MCD (NYSE stock price code) has spread across 118 countries in the world with a total number of outlets that have been successfully established as many as 34,000 outlets. So, it can be ascertained that MCD is one of the influential companies in the fast food restaurant industry in the world.

The number listed can certainly have various demands that must be made, one of which is to attract as many consumers as they wish to come to MCD in order to maintain the income of each outlet. Of course, the focus developed in the branch regulating consumer interest in MCD fast food products is the promotion it carries out. Promotions in question can be in the form of new menus, special menus, discounted menus, and even limited edition menus. The various menus that are presented certainly have an appeal and acceptable taste for each buyer who is interested in buying MCD products.

But not all menus with promotional purposes published by MCD end up being accepted by potential buyers or consumers. This is because people who know and often see their surroundings who think MCD as the largest fast food company must have an influence. This influence is the basic part in various criticisms and even protests against the publication in the marketing promotion section of MCD. This criticism or protest will be discussed, one of which is related to McDonald's in Portugal which removed the advertisement for "Sundae Bloody Sundae" to promote Halloween dessert because it is related to the dark past history of the conflict between the two countries, namely the Irish Government and the British Empire on 1972.

In this case study, the lesson that will be taken is the focus on organizational communication courses that have various approaches based on the books that have been given. The case study this time is as stated in the initial goal of facing global challenges, namely through demographic challenges, globalization, climate change, and terrorism. Not to forget, regarding issues related to promotions published by MCD, there is historical evidence as well as cultural evidence involved. The case study on MCD also contains elements regarding the decision-making process and the impact of conflict management on a given, although the impact of this conflict has not been thoroughly explained. So, to support the missing statements, things that have been learned such as the system and cultural approach are one of the interesting ingredients to be put back.


Based on the official website of McDonald's, they wrote that in terms of serving, they are very careful in presenting quality and delicious menu items to customers whenever they visit our restaurant. McDonald's seems to understand that each customer has their own needs and considerations when choosing where to eat or drink outside the home. This is the basis that there is more attention to customers regarding the consideration in choosing McDonald's as a suitable fast food restaurant for customers. So that various decisions become very careful.

In the decision-making process, there are three parts mentioned, namely the optimization of the model, the satisfaction process, and the intuitive process. At this point, in this case, the Process is satisfactory, not looking for a single optimal solution but for a solution that will work well enough to deal with the situation. The situation that is meant in this case is to face the problem of "Sunday Bloody Sunday" which is a historical issue in a really ponderous state, while ice cream itself is a dish that has an aura of joy, so this election is a question of grabbing satisfaction instead of attracting controversy and also new challenges. against McDonald's in the face of promotion in the historical field.

Talking about challenges, discussing the four concerns in facing global challenges, namely globalization, climate change, demography, and terrorism. MCD appears to be indirectly involved in terrorism, but there may be some involvement in this, but it is difficult to explore given this is a controversial promotional context. Thus, globalization has become evident in this problem. MCD is problematic with its promotion, which is related to questions related to globalization, namely how communication can be used to increase understanding in the multicultural workplace which is an important feature of the global economy and how organization occurs in the realm of political debate that is important for the long-term direction of the global economy. The political debate that occurred as a result of the promotion and menu of "Sunday Bloody Sundae" did not present the existence of social collectivity, which is an important feature in organizations. This means that social collectivity should have added value and internal connectivity between companies related to society. Likewise, the multicultural world is one of the challenges, the promotion of this menu is strong evidence that MCD has not been able to appreciate the multicultural history of what has happened from a conflict.

Furthermore, Ian Borden, President, International McDonald's Corporation claims that MCD is committed to being a good neighbor wherever we operate. Whether through serving as a hub for people to come together at meals or dedicating time and resources in times of need, Ian said McDonald's made sure that MCD was there for the community. In response, McDonald's suppliers and Franchisees around the world came together to help in an entirely new and impressive way, based on McDonald's fresh values. What is happening is contradicting what the MCD promoters have done regarding the Halloween menu. Regarding management conflicts, of course there are factors that influence the conflict, namely personal matters towards the victims of "Sunday Bloody Sundae" when they see the promotion of the menu and cultural issues from Northern Ireland who reject British rule because of cultural differences and accents which of course become conflicts between cultures.

Culture in this case is one approach in the conflict management process. Culture in this case is related to the point of view of reducing the difference in value from the system that exists in each individual and group. MCD promotion in this case only rests on the subjective point of view of MCD related to promotion without seeing its historical traces, which is actually a form of resistance to massacres, not a horror that should be celebrated with ice cream product packaging. Likewise, the thought of U2 Band, which has its own standpoint for the songs it creates, is to seriously commemorate what happened from Bloody Sunday, an event that does not need to be celebrated but a feeling of sorrow.

In organizational metaphors, the organization as a culture is one of the important sites of interlinked beliefs, behaviors, artifacts, and values. In the terms of properties of network links, there is an asymmetry between MCD Portugal and MCD as a global company, we know this is the biggest fast-food franchise in the world, but not mean MCD has a right to making upset the people in these terms of the historical part.

Insulting is not part of a cultural system and approach, in fact it is strictly forbidden to develop a mature organization, even a company with the greatest outlets in the world. This contrasts sharply with the strong culture of the Deal and Kennedy (1982) Model, which is based on two dimensions, showing that the single greatest influence on corporate culture is the business environment in which the company operates. The business environment is the main thing for public trust, what is important from the business environment is the community itself. What MCD has done is a form of cultural appropriation, which means that cultural appropriation refers to the use of non-dominant cultural objects or elements in a way that does not respect their original meaning, give credit to their sources, or reinforce stereotypes or contribute to oppression. This greatly affects the closeness of the relationship between customers which is the training gear and actions of the customer to buy MCD products.


insensitive reference to any historical event

The two-for-one promotion for "Sundae Bloody Sundae" received a lot of criticism on social media. A spokesman for McDonald's Portugal said the advert was not intended as an "insensitive reference to any historical event," according to a statement emailed to CNBC on Thursday. This is an alternative in this case that there are many media that press against what has been done from historical references which according to objectivity has an offensive intent. Therefore, from the social media side, Social media users slammed the online campaign with images spreading on Twitter. Social media users condemned the online campaign with images that spread on Twitter. An alternative from the external side of MCD is to provide feedback to MCD by means of social media, namely by tweeting like Fintan Walsh who said "Hate to do this to you McDonalds but Sunday Bloody Sunday is actually about a massacre that happened in Derry in 1972. McDonald's: Massacre? Augh. Not eating that again. " This humorous criticism immediately provoked a reaction from MCD to cancel its promotion.


The solution in the future is quite easy, namely taking a positive culture and system and giving a shocking effect by bringing in a new idea that is not from a historical approach, but can be with technology or feminism which is a line-up of topics that are enough to hook products to develop from an effective promotional system like attention.